Do you create digital projects? Do you invest in digital projects? If your answer is “yes”, the D&A team has prepared a New Year present for you — the Digital Project Matrix — our unique know-how beneficial for both project creators and investors.

Source: Designed by D&A Partners ©

Decentralized thinking produces a growing number of encouraging digital projects. However, often it is still unclear:

“Keep things simple and don’t swing for the fences. When promised quick profits, respond with a quick “no”.

Warren Buffett

Since D&A Partners consults and maintains many digital businesses with geography from the USA to Hong Kong, we have developed a matrix to work with such projects. The Matrix includes the blocks that must be worked out in a product before it can be launched on the market.

The matrix is beneficial not only for project creators but also for investors since it guides you through creating a fantastic next-generation product or in selecting the most promising digital project. By checking it out, you can assess how well-developed and investment-attractive the product is.

Source: Designed by D&A Partners ©

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